Download a printable PDF of our Design Guide HERE

When uploading your own files to us, please follow this guide to reduce potential problems, avoid additional costs, and speed up production.

Acceptable File Types

Compressed File Types

Unacceptable File Types

Resolution Guidelines

Long viewing distances (billboards, high hanging banners) - 72 DPI @ Final Size Medium viewing distances (vehicle graphics, lower hanging banners) - 125 DPI @ Final Size Short viewing distances (posters, trade show graphics, etc.) - 200 DPI @ Final Size

A properly built print file should rarely be over 200 Mb.

** Images taken from, downloaded, or printed from the internet will NOT result in a good print. Internet images are produced at 72 dpi at their size on screen, and can not be expanded beyond that.

Additional Suggestions

Be sure to send all fonts used in the file or convert all fonts to outlines. If possible, create files at final size with appropriate resolution. Otherwise, let us know what scale you’ve used (1:4, 1:8, etc.) Let us know Pantone values for any critical colours.

If you have any other questions at all please do not hesitate to give us a call!